Hiking Panther Peak In The Tucson Mountains   4 comments

Paul and Jim On The Cam-Boa Trail Headed Toward Panther Peak — Image by kenne

We left the Cam-Boh Picnic Area , located off Picture Rocks Road, on the Cam-Boa trail at the western edge of the Tucson Mountain District of the Saguaro National Park – West. Part of this trail in the Panther Peak Wash, however we cut across the wash headed toward the draw or gully between Panther Peak and Sombrero Peak to the east. This time of year the floor of the desert is showing a lot of green from the early growth of desert wild-flowers.

Once near the base of the two peaks, the hike becomes a fun bush whack climb to the saddle between the peaks. This part of the park is beautiful, as is most of the Tucson Mountains — plenty of large saguaros, palo verde trees and cholla cactusMy hiking partners, Jim and Paul, shared time leading as we tried to pick the best route up through the draw, trying to spot an occasional cairn. Stopping along the way, I took several photos, some meant to form panorama images of the surrounding mountains.
Looking back down through the draw between Panther Peak and Sombrero Peak, with Wasson Peak in the distance.
This is a fun hike with beautiful views in every direction. People who know the area well can probably point out many of the southern Arizona landmarks. Click here to see a slide show of photos taken, Monday, January 9, 2012. 
Paul and Jim At The Top Of Panther Peak — Images by kenne
Happy Hiking!

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