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The Wave Revisited   1 comment

The Wave In Vermillion Cliffs National Monument — Image by kenne

The Color of earth
A wave minus sea water
Time to wave good-bye.

I April of this year a group of us from southern Arizona hikes the Wave in Coyote Buttes. You can see the photos and learn of our experience by visiting the related articles below. I’m sure there will be future postings revisiting the experience and maybe some return trips to this wonderful land.


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Coyote Buttes In The Vermillion Cliffs National Monument   Leave a comment

Coyote Buttes — Image by kenne (Click on image for larger view.)

Capturing The Moment — The Wave   13 comments

Wave Images by kenne

As promised in earlier posting on our trip the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, Coyote Buttes and the Wave located there in, this is the posting that contains some of the seventy photos taken in the Wave. Admittedly, the colors vary because of lighting, as with any photo, but dramatically so when the colors in the Wave are so dramatic. I took over 250 images, which represent a photo treasure in which to return in the future. 

Again, a big thank you to the group leader, Dean Perron and fellow hikers Susan Mayfield, Mary Frances Ruddick, Pat & Tom Markey. This was a hike of a lifetime!

Here’s the link to my Flickr photo set of the remaining photos —


Hiking Coyote Buttes To The Wave   9 comments

This is Part 1 of sharing photos taken in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, hiking to The Wave in Coyote Buttes. The area is one of the most beautiful natural locations in the United States, therefore, a photographer’s dream. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) allows groups of six into the Coyote Buttes area. Since we were taking the time to take photos along the way to the Wave, the hike took about tow hours. Here are a few of the 55 photos that can be viewed in total by clicking here. Additional posting on our trip to The wave will be forthcoming.


Hiking To The Wave — Images by kenne

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