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Inland Empire   1 comment

Inland Empire (A metropolitan area and region inland of and adjacent to coastal Southern California.) — Image by kenne

This image was created in June of 2009 by combining four images without using Photoshop photomerge,
which is what I would do to create a panorama today.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Where Only Outliers Pass By   6 comments

Images by kenne

Although we may walk the same paths, there are those detached from other walkers (outliers) who
leave behind a spirit that connects us all. It is the photographer’s job to capture the moment through
the eyes of the outlier who looks beyond the moment. Only then can we connect the moment and
“standing before kings” make sense of the world in ways others cannot.

 Alone on the trails

Watch by distant outliers

Through eyes left behind

— kenne

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