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Poppy Shadows (1 of 1)_Art blogSolitaire Poppy Shadows — Image by kenne

“Where’s the Coke machine?”
“Sorry lady, we have no Coke machine out here.
Would you like a drink of water?” (She’s not sure.)

“Say ranger, that’s a godawful road you got in here,
when the hell they going to pave it?” (They gather around, listening.)

“The day before I leave.” (I say it with a smile; they laugh.)

“Well how the hell do we get out of here?”
“You just got here, sir.”
“I know but how do we get out?”
“Same way you came in. It’s a dead-end road.”
“So we see the same scenery twice?”
“It looks better going out.”

“On ranger, do you live in that little housetrailer down there?”
“Yes madam, part of the time. Mostly I live out of it.”
“Are you married?”
“Not seriously.”
“You must get awfully lonesome way out here.”
“No, I have good company.”
“Your wife?”
“No, myself.” (They laugh; they all think I’m kidding.”
“Well what do you do for amusement?”
“Talk to the tourists.” (General laughter.)

— Edward Abbey, from Desert Solitaire

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