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Fredric  3170 Art II framed blog II“Pasture Land” — Image by kenne

In The Pasture

Horses run and run
In the pasture
Manes flowing
Tail trailing behind them
Sweat glistening their coats 

 Stallions gallop around,
Keeping track of their mares
Foals bucking and playing
Mares graze softly
In the pasture  

And when their time ends
They will go
In the pasture
In the sky 

 As many know
Horses will gallop
Into our hearts

— Erin Ellert

Reddington Pass Grasslands   3 comments

Italian Springs 2013Italian Springs Trail In Reddington Pass Grasslands— Image by kenne


of the southwest

are nature’s range.

The range

can serve

as pasture

only in partnership

with nature —

if not,


will make it

a wasteland.

— kenne

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