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Sunset Shadow   4 comments

Sunset Shadow-blogSunset Shadow — Image by kenne

“And the days that I keep my gratitude
Higher than my expectations
Well, I have really good days”

— from the song “Mother Blues” by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Born A “Tweener”, I’m Lodge Between Rainer Maria Rilke and Ray Wylie Hubbard   2 comments

Somewhere between reading Rainer Maria Rilke and listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard’s latest CD, “The Grifter’s Hymnal,” the following just flowed out — as usual, no rewrite, you get what you see.


The body slows me down,
but the blood still flows,
the soul hasn’t slowed
fostering a deep and
necessary intimacy with life.

The body slows me down,
but I count my blessing
without a 60-cycle hum,
freed from habitual
trains of thought.

The body slows me down,
but the poets still please
with a taste of bittersweet chocolate,
burning through the words
manifested in music.

The body slows me down,
but my mind leads the
way to an enigmatic mystery,
seeking a Rilke Maria’s moment
freed by Ray Wylie’s applause.

The body slows me  down,
but I keep running
from the ghosts that
keep on coming
around the bend.

The body slows me down,
but its dividing outline
is no longer there
providing a membrane
between inner and outer worlds.

The body slows me down,
but I can still hum 
Polk Salad Sally,
framing cosmic image
descending from invisible heights.

The body slows me down,
but I still use my imagination
to inspire conscious thinking,
allowing “the damn fox
do what a damn fox does.”


“The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”
— Ray Wylie Hubbard

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