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Beyond Tucson Event, 2014, At Sabino Canyon   3 comments


Beyond Tucson Event at Sabino Canyon, January 11, 2014 — Images by kenne

Beyond Tucson is an annual community-wide event that occurs each year in early January to commemorate the January 8, 2011 shooting. Its purpose is to help the community move beyond by coming together, much in the same way they spontaneously gathered after the tragedy, and by doing so commit to be better and be better together:

“To spend more time with those we love,

and to reach out to those we don’t yet know.

To get outdoors and enjoy nature’s beauty, 
and to fully embrace all that life has to offer.

To push ourselves beyond our normal boundaries,
and to strive for that next peak on the horizon.”
(. . . from Beyond Tucson website.)

One of the community-wide events took place at Sabino Canyon Recreation Area where activities were organized by the Forest Service and the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists. Visitors had opportunities to learn about nature, take guided nature walks and hikes — must I not forget, get their picture taken with Smoky Bear.


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