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Houston’s Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club   1 comment

Trudy Lynn with Duke-Peacock veteran I.J. Gosey at Mr. Geno’s In Houston, Texas, 2004 — Image by kenne

When I talk to blues people in Tucson about the Houston blues scene, I often mention two of my favorite blues clubs, Mr. Geno’s Lounge and the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club.

Recently, the Houston Press published an article, “Old School: Musicians in their 70s and 80s are keeping Houston’s traditional blues scene real,” with a series of photos taken behind the scenes at the Big Easy.

“Midnight, The Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club, cover charge is five bucks. A blast of heat from the gaggle of horns onstage rushes out of the momentarily open door of the Kirby Drive nightclub, as a writing mass of sweaty Friday-night humanity works it out on the dance floor. Dressed to the nines, saxophonist Grady Gaines and his band the Texas Upsetters are cooking up some nasty, big-beat blues,” begins the article.  . . . read on.

The  article and photos reminded me of photos I took (2005) at the Big Easy with some of the musicians in the Houston Press publication, which I share in this posting — enjoy and share.


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2005 Photos at The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club by kenne

Houston’s Blues Scene Busier Than Ever   6 comments

Down In Houston Blues — Image by kenne

Any talk of The Blues being dead needs to check out the scene down in Houston. Live Blues music in Houston has been the star of Texas for some time and now with the help of the Houston Blues Society and the continued support of KPFT Blues programmers, healthier than ever.  . . . more at Houston Press.

The Houston Press article doesn’t mentioned it, but I would suggest the that growth of social media is playing a big role in the live music market in Houston. One of my most viewed videos is that of Sonny Boy Terry IBC @ Dan Electro’s, October, 2009. (1,200 views)



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