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Dark Spirits, To Expel Or Not To Expel   1 comment

Misc Photos June 2008Dark Spirits (The Woodlands, Texas Night, 2009) — Image by kenne

Dark Spirits

Seems like only yesterday
Just last night about midnight
Drinking in the devil’s eye spirits
On a warm southern night

All alone gazing into times past
Hexed by the light in the dark
As long contorted snakes twist
From the devil’s eye in the sky

Each playing tricks on my mind
As I listen to distant rhythms
Moving to blows of the breeze
Beating to the tune of the chimes

Feeling passion in my veins
Knowing it’s not easy
To fight off these dark spirits
Binding me in uncertainty

There are no words to describe
Still, I keep trying
Turning circles, time and again
To make these feelings go away

Seeking to liberate myself
From this arduous situation,
I maintain an ember
Still feeling the heat of night

Perhaps it’s time
To put on my garb,
Yet I’m not ready for the gate
I was there, now I’m here


Sky Above, Water Below In The Canyon   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk 01-03-12_20120104_1172 Sky Above Water Below blog

“Sky Above, Water Below” — image by kenne

Sky above,

Water below,

Or is it

The other way around —

It’s your call

In our upside-down



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