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Why I Live In Tucson — “. . . take one as needed”   6 comments

SWALL“Swallows” by Benjamin Chee Chee (Of Ojibwa descent, this Canadian artist died at a very young age, 32.
I first became aware of his work 20 years ago and fall in love with his art.)

Why I live in Tucson, “. . . take one as needed”

The sky is more than blue,
it’s “Tucson blue”
as I walk the trails,
sometimes in pain,
but always convivial
in fellowship with nature
where it is strong
medicine in the air —

. . . take one as needed.

Landscapes draw inspiration,
subtle and complex
as an O’Keeffe painting,
everywhere you look
(with a trained eye)
stories of the past
can be heard
in your mind’s ear —

. . . take one as needed.

Allowing the mind
to enclose infinity
(yes, the mind can)
for the moment
to accommodate
all the sounds
all the smells
all observable images — 

. . . take one as needed.

Diversity, a word
often heard when
describing the Sonoran desert
(the source of that concept)
and the purposes
all living things play
trying to be worthy
recipients of each breath —

. . . take one as needed.

Each day brings
an appreciation
of every moment,
that every second
does really count
as time builds moments
that will forever echo 
off the mountains —

. . . take one as needed.

When not walking the trails
I continue learning,
learning about desert ecology
and the ways of the past
so that I can be part
of those people
who came before me
and sow their seeds —

. . . take one as needed.

Here we have city ways 
and village ways,
yin and yang 
creating a special blend
allowing those who 
dream to live in between
the Tucson blue
and the desert night stars —

. . . take one as needed.

— kenne

It’s A Crazy World Out There When . . .   Leave a comment

It’s a crazy world out there . . .

When people slowly and clumsily put each of their items in the overhead compartment while pretending they don’t notice that you and sixty other people are waiting to get to your seats.

When an up-scale grocery store sale Velveeta cheese at $6.99 when the package displays a suggested retail price of $4.99. (Source: Personal observation.)

When a big, new innovative idea is proposed, armies of critics soon gather and try to tear it down. (Source: The Diversity of Life Edward O. Wilson)

When people create the false dichotomy of democracy vs. republic

When the incoming GOP House majority abolishes the select Committee on Climate Change.

When people think tax cuts for the rich will slow the economy.

When the “Deficit” Commission proposal represents a major transfer of wealth to wealthy Americans.

When a Congressman denies that unemployment benefits are an immediate benefit to the economy.

When people start eating while they’re still going through the buffet.






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