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Hazy Sun In Gray Clouds   4 comments

Haze, Sun and Clouds May 2015-7494 blogHazy Sun In Gray Clouds — Image by kenne

Not Coping

Some things in life throw me off balance causing my heart to stop,

for a moment I stop breathing. Fear begins to penetrate my body

not wanting to show it I act and feel like I’m okay when I’m not.

Trying to keep my muscles relaxed does not make for relaxed moments,

slowly my emotions take over and I begin to breakdown.

— kenne

Coping with Difficult Times   1 comment


We all experience difficulty from time to time.  The U.S. is now officially in a recession, and economies around the globe are struggling.  Whether you are currently dealing with a lot of stress or not, it is always helpful to be aware of some good practices that can help you cope during difficult times.

Bottom-line, it’s all about attitudes, so rather than getting on one of my frequent soapboxes, I would like to share a booklet that lists some practices that I follow.  Believe me; they work:  DESTRESS KIT FOR CHANGING TIMES

Please share, and remember, be good to yourself!

— kenne

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