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Audrey   2 comments

Audrey (July 2019) — Image by kenne

“Do stuff.
Be clenched, curious.

Not waiting for inspiration’s shove
or society’s kiss on your forehead.
Pay attention.
It’s all about paying attention.
Attention is vitality.
It connects you with others.
It makes you eager. stay eager.”

― Susan Sontag


Tulum Mayan Ruins — Photo Essay   6 comments

Tulum Maya Ruins-18-72The 13th-century, walled Mayan archaeological site at Tulum National Park overlooks the sea.
It incorporates the clifftop Castillo, built as a watchtower, and the Templo de las Pinturas, with a partially restored mural.

Tulum Maya Ruins-22-72Tulum is a resort town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, around 130 km south of Cancún.

Tulum Ruins-2-72Each Mayan city had a specific purpose, and Tulum was no exception.
It was a seaport, trading mainly in turquoise and jade.

Tulum Ruins-3-72The big man in the middle (Martin) was our guide.
He did an excellent job speaking in both Spanish and English.

Tulum Maya Ruins-Panorama-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-2-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-4-72.jpg

Tulum Maya Ruins-5-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-6-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-7-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-9-72Protected from the sun, a group of archeologists providing ongoing research on the old sandstone structures.

Tulum Maya Ruins-10-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-11-72As well as being the only Mayan city built on a coast, Tulum was one of the few protected by a wall.

Tulum Maya Ruins-13-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-14-72.jpgEverywhere you look you will see iguanas.

Tulum Ruins-9-Ignana-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-15-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-16-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-17-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-19-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-20-72

Tulum Maya Ruins-21-72.jpgHere some of the visitors are moving toward the exist door, one of five in this ancient walled city.

Tulum Ruins-32-72An iguana keeps guard over one of the Tulum doors.
— Images by kenne

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