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“Do You Know Your Burroweed vs. Burro Brush?”   3 comments

Burroweed in the foreground (more gray), Burro Brush in the Background (more green) — Image by kenne

Do You Know Your Burroweed vs. Burro Brush? With the help of my SCVN mentor, Ned Harris, and other naturalists, I’m slowly learning about these two plants in Sabino Canyon. One of the best ways I learn is by photographing the plant(s) and posting them on this blog.

Burroweed was more in bloom a few weeks ago, the greener Burro Brush blooms in the spring. So, this is not the best time of the year to photograph these two plants in the Sunflower Family. Click here to see an image taken by Carol Tornow (SCVN) and posted on Anne Green’s (SCVN) Sabino Canyon blog. The Sabino Canyon blog is a great learning source for those of us trying to increase our knowledge of nature in the Sonoran Desert.


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