Getting Ready For A Road Trip   3 comments

Getting Ready For A Road Trip (August 7, 2021)

Packing for the road and making sure house plant have plenty of water. Hopefully we have covered all the bases. The trip will be 6,300 miles to visit family and friends linking the following cities:

Tucson to Pecos — August 7th
Pecos to Dallas — August 8th
Dallas to Meridian — August 9th
Meridian to Savana — August 10th
Savana to Charleston — August 11th-12th
Charleston to Richmond — August 13th-16th
Richmond to Grantham — August 17th-20th
Grantham to Winchester — August 21st
Winchester to Chattanooga — August 23rd
Chattanooga to Baton Rouge — August 24t
Baton Rouge to Houston — August 25th
Houston to Ft. Stockton — August 30th
Ft. Stockton to Tucson — August 31st

I will be trying to use my blog as a trip journal with some updates on Twitter and Instagram. Some of the blog posts will include previously scheduled postings.

— kenne

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3 responses to “Getting Ready For A Road Trip

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  1. Safe travels my friend and yes keep us updated on your adventure. This was our reward for those of us experiencing the Friday hike yesterday among the “rocks”!
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  2. Happy Trails, Kenne and Joy!!


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  3. Have a safe and wonderful wander!

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