First Stop, Pecos, Texas   2 comments

Over the years, we have recorded many miles traveling I-10 east and west, but for our east coast road trip,
we left I-10 before Ft. Stockton taking I-20 to Pecos on our way to the Dallas/Ft. Worth.

After checking in at the Hampton Inn, we decided to go to dinner at The All American Inn,
which just happen to be located across the street from the historical Judge Roy Bean building.

As Joy and I often do we shared our dinner, this night a spicy southwestern hamburger and order of fries.
However, the burger was not cut in half when served, so we asked for a knife. Our server, a young Vietnam girl
(maybe 12 years old), said it was not cut because they didn’t have any knives, none in the place; but she could
bring us a plastic fork. Have you ever tried to half a hamburger with a plastic fork — it’s not easy.

A Vietnamese family owns the restaurant, and on this Saturday evening, the father, daughter, and very young boys were there.

The burger had plenty of spicy souce and  jalapeño. Other than being extremely hot, it was very tasty.

The youngest boy was fighting to stay awake while watching a movie.

All in all, the day was a good start to our rode trip. — kenne and joy

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  1. Good morning, Kenne!
    It looks like my comments on your previous post never got through. I tried twice. Maybe they’re in the spam folder. Let’s see if this here goes through.
    Thanks for that interesting story about your experience eating out in Pecos. We had a different one in a Mexican restaurant there: first, we were astonished that we had to pay for chips and salsa [which we are used to being served for free first thing after you have sat down], and then they served the cheese dip without any chips, and we had to actually persuade our server to bring us some, She created the impression that she was very gracious and generous to ask in the kitchen for chips.
    When we came back from California a few weeks ago, we stayed and ate in Pecos, too.
    Have a good journey, and take care,

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  2. OK, looks like my comment got through this time. 🙂
    Sorry about those from before, because I had hope they’d get to you before you left Pecos. I had recommended a side trip to San Angelo to see the “International Waterlily Collection” there.

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