Duckweed Days At Sweetwater Wetlands   3 comments

Mallard Ducks on Emerald-green Duckweed Pond (Sweetwater Wetlands, June 16, 2021) — Image by kenne

Duckweed, an emerald-green hydroponic plant, has covered most ponds at the wetlands this summer. 
The plant, which grows on the water surface without soil, makes irregular warm-season appearances at
Sweetwater, which doubles as a wastewater treatment facility and lush wildlife habitat.

Duckweed is harmless and disappears naturally in the fall. It removes nitrates from the reclaimed water,
and it’s good for the ducks. It’s a plant that ducks eat, providing a lot of protein.

— kenne


3 responses to “Duckweed Days At Sweetwater Wetlands

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  1. That reminds me of my younger days: as a child I rode my first bicycle down the path in my father’s garden at the edge of the castle mound in my hometown Linn and couldn’t stop. So I ended up in the moat, which was at that time covered with Duckweed. Luckily it wasn’t deep and I could crawl/walk out. But I looked like the “Monster from the Deep” – covered all over in Duckweed. 😀

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  2. Hope your trip is going well.

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