Thorns on a Swamp Rose   1 comment

Is it thorns, spines, prickles, and trichomes?

Naturalist Weekly

Over the brambles

The Swamp Rose lures me closer

Fingers hooked by thorns

A Haiku by Mark

The Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris) is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 7 feet tall and is native to the eastern United States. As the name suggests, this plant prefers moist, acidic soil. The Swamp Rose flowers often grow to be about one or two inches in diameter and sparsely populate the stems.(1)

In my experience the Swamp Rose often grows alongside blackberries and raspberries.  Both blackberries and raspberries are a part of the same family of plants known as Rosaceae.  As these plants compete for sunlight they intertwine with each other and create an almost impenetrable bramble.  

One common descriptor of a bramble is that it is a tangled mass of plants covered by thorns.  Well, in this case, the term “thorn” isn’t completely accurate for the…

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Posted June 20, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Hi Kenne, Thanks for the re-post! I am glad that you found this interesting. Be well!

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