Why Did The Tarantula Cross The Street?   3 comments

Tarantula (Walking in Tanuri Ridge this Morning) — Images by kenne

In a word, SEX!

Generally, when you see tarantulas on the move, it’s males
looking for females. I’m not an expert, but it makes sense to me.

— kenne


3 responses to “Why Did The Tarantula Cross The Street?

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  1. Kenne,

    Oooooo- yuk ! I don’t like spiders! You might say I’m a real “spiderphobe”.

    I remember well one time my friend and I went to Madera Canyon for a short day hike. This was at the end of a rather wet monsoon season. On the way back we were driving really rather fast down the Madera Canyon Road when I spotted a lot of things moving on the road. What the heck were they?

    I yelled, “Hey, Tim! Slow down! What the heck is on the road?” He slowed to a near stop. Sure enough they were tarantulas ! Yikes! There must’ve been hundreds of them !

    I guess with spiders like that, they’re just like a lot of other wild critters. If you don’t mess with them, they won’t bother you either.

    I had a friend in high school who told me he tried to pick up a very large rock in his yard. There was a tarantula hiding under the rock and he received a very painful bite. I guess my friend invaded the spider’s personal space. I learned a long time ago to watch what you pick up in Arizona ’cause there just might be a critter hiding underneath. If you accidently leave your shoes outside, bang them out well before you put them on again ’cause you just never know!

    Gotta love it !

    Fred M. Cain

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    • I guess I just like critters. For the most part, if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. It was a bee.

      I was hiking last week when something flying landed on my face below my left eye. Naturally, I brushed it away at which time I was stung. It was a bee. Fortunately, I’ve never a bad effect from bee stings.


      • Kenne,

        Yes, I agree with what you’re saying here. Although I consider myself to be a “spiderphobe”, the fact is that spiders are extremely valuable in the natural environment. They kill a lot of harmful insects and probably offer themselves as feed for certain species of birds.

        Bees on the other hand are even more valuable. We probably couldn’t live without them. When I see bumble bees or honeybees in the clover in the lawn where I’m mowing, I try to shoo them away so that I don’t kill them.

        Fred M. Cain

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