Saguaro Cactus Are Being Destroyed By The Bighorn Fire   3 comments

Ventana Canyon - Clouds-Edit-1-art-72Lower Ventana Canyon (02/20/15) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Bighorn Fire has been burning for days in Ventana Canyon.
I love hiking in this beautiful narrow canyon. The lower part of
this canyon contains a lot of desert plants, such as the saguaro cactus.
This Sonoran Desert signature cactus is not adaptive to fire.
Thousands have already been destroyed by the Bighorn Fire.
It may take hundreds of years to return, if at all. Sad, very sad.

— kenne

Ventana Canyon (1 of 1)_Art-72Ventana Canyon (Note Invasive Grass in the Foreground) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

3 responses to “Saguaro Cactus Are Being Destroyed By The Bighorn Fire

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  1. It must be a terrible blow to see the fire destroy part of the beauty of the landscape. And as you say, it will take many years to recover those cacti absorbed by the fire. The photos are great. They show cacti in all their splendor.
    A big hug

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  2. Thanks alot, Manuel.


  3. Destruction of natural plant life will take years to return and some may not return at all. To me, the saguaro has always been the symbol of the West.

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