Great Black Hawk — Madidi National Park   3 comments

Great Black Hawk-72.jpgGreat Black Hawk (Madidi National Park) — Image by kenne

Rafting on the Tuichi River in the Madidi National Park is not the best way to
photograph birds high in the jungle trees, but sometimes I was able to capture one.
When I first saw this guy at a distance, I thought he was a vulture. However,
zooming in it was clear the bird was a hawk, a great black hawk.

— kenne

3 responses to “Great Black Hawk — Madidi National Park

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  1. I am getting to the point where, personally, i do not like individual blogs about long trips to other countries. Those trips involve expending a lot of carbon with fossil-fuel jets and vehicles. My wife says that that is too rigid. Whatever. I am not perfect either. I have a number of fossils that were transported from other countries, although i have pretty much ceased with getting them.


  2. Sounds like a personal problem, Tom.


  3. It’s not a personal problem. Nature in far away distant and remote places wasn’t made for tourists like Disney World was. Plus the carbon footprint to visit such places is huge.


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