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Baby Jesus Trail Nov 2012Fountain Grass in the Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

Fountain grass is commonly used desert landscape in Tucson. Yes, it’s attractive, but it produces lots of seeds that spread rapidly from cultivation into nearby disturbed areas, and eventually into natural habitats. It typically forms dense stands, aggressively competes with native species, especially perennial grasses, and seasonal annuals, for space, water, and nutrients. The above photograph was taken in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area in the Santa Catalina Mountains several miles from where it may have been part of someone’s landscape.

Forest Fires are common in the mountains of southern Arizona, and fountain grass provides lots of fuel and is well adapted to fire therefore is a serious threat to the native species.

— kenne

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  1. Thanks for explaining its beauty and its dangers. Reminds me of those beautiful purple blossoms on our thistles here in Ohio. Then they turn into a pod of seeds, which spread with the wind and can take over an area quickly. But at least we don’t have the danger of frequent forest fires.


  2. Reminds me of that recent movie, Only the Brave, that we saw… and how destructive and deadly fires can be in arid regions.


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