Coatimundi In A Willow Acacia Tree — Photo Essay   13 comments

It is common for some Tanuri Ridge residents to walk their dogs on the Circle. This practice was taking place late yesterday afternoon when an animal jumped out of a small tree running to a larger nearby tree.

I just happen to be taking out the trash pickup bin when I was called over to help identify this frightening animal. At first, it was difficult to see the animal among all the many branches of the giant willow acacia tree, but when I spotted the long tail, I knew it was a coatimundi. Coatimundis are occasionally seen in Sabino Canyon and the Santa Catalina Mountains, but rarely in neighborhoods. Note: A good part of the Catalinas and the foothills has not had any rain for four months and we have experienced the hottest June on record so this guy could be here in search of water.

I quickly ran back in the house to get my camera. The late day angle of the sun made getting good photos difficult, however having this beautiful animal up a tree meant he would not be leaving anytime soon.

— kenne

Coatimundi In A Willow Acacia Tree — Photo Essay by kenne
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13 responses to “Coatimundi In A Willow Acacia Tree — Photo Essay

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  1. Beautiful animal


  2. Amazing photos! I’ve never seen one before. Sure hope it finds water soon 😔


  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. I think the photos are amazing! You have a good eye for interesting and adorable pics. Pat Chacon


  4. Great work with the camera and the pen. Thanks.


  5. Almost looks like a bear’s face. Or a raccoon’s. Or maybe they all have that in common. Nice photos!


  6. Kenne, I had no idea these could be found in our neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.


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