The Memory Tree — Two Years Out   3 comments

In Memory of Margarita Berg — Images by kenne

We never met Margarita Berg. She was diagnosed with cancer about the time we move to Tucson, passing away three months later.

During her last few months, Margarita and David would spend time walking their dog on the trails along the banks of the Tanque Verde Wash
(I originally thought it was the Rillito River.) and used dead tree limbs to create art stations along the many trails in the near-by Tanuri Ridge desert park.

When not hiking the many in southern Arizona, I often walk the trails along the wash, which is how I learned about the trail art
and the memorial David had created in Margareta’s memory. (Click here to read more in an earlier posting on the Memory Tree.)

About a month ago I took my camera with me on a morning walk along the wash. When I came upon the Memory Tree,
fresh flowers had been placed at the base of the tree, causing me to realized that it was near the time of Margarita’s passing away anniversary.
I didn’t see David and his dog. I haven’t seen him for over a year now. I know he still walks his dog near the wash and regularly drops rose pedals at the base of the tree.


Tanque Verde Wash

3 responses to “The Memory Tree — Two Years Out

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  1. Quite a touching story with these images


  2. To love and to be loved totally and completely like that – would be the fulfillment of one’s life, wouldn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

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