Capturing The Moment — What Do You See?   4 comments

A Picture Is Worth . . .   — Image by kenne

Let me capture the scene,
Points in space,
What do I see?
Does it really matter —
A dot, a line or points in art?

Let me count the words,
A thousand,
Do I see a thousand words?
Does it really matter —
A thousand, seventeen or one?

An expression of life
Is what we make of it.
Poets manipulate words
Artists capture the scene,
Audiences see the possibilities.

Each time I capture the moment
I augment reality,
Shaping the world around me.
Technology  has become the user interface
Through which I experience the world

. . . yours too.



4 responses to “Capturing The Moment — What Do You See?

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  1. Enchanting image. It takes me away…


  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    This is a scene in Sabino Canyon that says something different to each viewer, as it should be. — kenne


  3. more Sabino Wildlife Sense Sabino…Sights…Sounds…Scents…Savors…Strokes….


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