The Old Stone House   3 comments

The Old Stone House

View of the Old Pueblo
from glassless windows,

mountains at a distance
peaks dusted by snow,

nearby hills
covered with cactus,

connected by trails
pleasing to hikers.

House on the Mount
a shadow of the past,

an old stone building
longtime roofless,

now prey to
vandals and partyers,

leaving glittering colored grounds
from broken bottles,

damaging evidence
of what went before.

Decaying walls lined
with cracks of yore,

graffiti sprayed
art of the present.

Stairs to the sky
leading nowhere,

adding mystery
to this old stone house,

once homesteaded land
by a Texas attorney,

now owned
by a long-distance landlord —

today seen by most
as a Tucson oddity.

— kenne

Fellow Hiker, Jim Thompson — Images by kenne

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3 responses to “The Old Stone House

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  1. Nice picture. Where in the Tucson Mtns. is this bldg? I think I was there at least once. Gay


  2. There is a trailhead at the end of 36th street. The building is on a hill to the right, which is off the trail. Jim and I decided to take a little detour. It is a Tucson Oddity.


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    A flashback to January 5, 2012 — kenne


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