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Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Classes   Leave a comment

Durango Colorado Saloon — Panorama by kenne

“Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Classes”

Oscar Wilde is credited with the line, ‘Work is the curse of the drinking classes’.
It is a play on the phrase ‘drink is the curse of the working classes’
where the posh people would say that people are poor because they ‘indulge’ too much,
forgetting at the same time that the aristocracy and self-righteous middle classes
drank and ate far too much but of course, had the money to do it.

Two Beers, Becoming Timeless Myths   Leave a comment


Image by kenne

Two beers,
On a hot desert afternoon.

Soft conversation,
Fueled by indecision.

People watching,
Amused by the moment.

Another round,
Mellowing spirits.

Gain renewal,
Moments to remember —

. . . becoming timeless myths.



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