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Walking With A Friend   Leave a comment

Tom on the Beach Art I framed II blogWalking with a Friend — Image by kenne

This past spring my friend Tom and I had planned on going to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to spend a few days fishing. About a week before the trip, Tom had his sixth and last chemo treatment. He had gone through the previous treatments with few side-effects, but this one really made walking very difficult. We still made the trip knowing fishing was not likely. We still has a very good time.

One of the things we did was gone for walks along the beach. Previous posting have chronicled our trip, but I had forgotten that I had also taken some photos and video with my iPhone, which I share here.

Tom is in remission and is current fishing with his son in Wales.


Blue Bottles . . . The Winds Of Time Trapped In Glass   3 comments

Rocky PointBlue Bottles at Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco — Image by kenne

Sand moves
on streets
by chance
staying on those
who sweep 
the streets 
of others.

Two ex-pats
in the shade
of the front porch
playing cards
passing time.

stand for counting
tourist’s guessing
drive by.

. . . the winds of change
trapped in glass.

— kenne

Rocky PointImage by kenne

Morning Walk On The Puerto Peñasco Beach   4 comments

Rocky PointPuerto Peñasco Beach — Image by kenne

I walk Puerto Peñasco beach
toward the morning sunrise.

Puddles of water abandoned by the tide
run together channeling to the sea.

Gaining speed turning backs to my eyes
sliding on the sea of stone.

Leaving behind reflections
channeling thoughts of storms past.

Above, the dragon birds fly shallow waters
in search of day treasures trembling below.


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