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“Turning Circles, Time and Again”   Leave a comment

Ashton Savoy @ Ken & Mary's Blues Project, 2002

As I near my 69th birthday, I’m beginning to realize that I’m not as up on current music as I used to be — looked at Andrew Dansby’s top ten selections for 2009 and didn’t recognize any of them. Now, I seem to notice things on living legends, like the new documentary on Patti Smith, “Dream of Life,” and the obituaries of musicians (NY Times – The Music They Made) who past on this year. Here are links to four posting I did on some legends this year:

With this theme in mind, it seems fitting that I share a verse from my poem, “Dark Spirits,” that I will be posting soon.

There are no words to describe
Still, I keep trying,
Turning circles, time and again
To make these feelings go away


“The Father of Psychedelic Guitar” — RIP   2 comments

I’m not a musician, but I’ve always had an uncanny ear for good sound, and the guitar sound of James Gurley

has stay with me ever since I first heard Big Brother & The Holding Company. His bio will tell you he never has a guitar lesson. His sound was an assimilation of so many sounds reflecting all the things coming together in the sixties. For a lot of us, James “was the real 1960’s”.

Just a few days ago, December 20th, James Gurley passed away in Palm Spring, California. Now he’s up there with so many great six-stringers.


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