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Painting An Indian Paintbrush   4 comments

Bug Springs April 2013Image by kenne

Indian Paintbrush
Bob MacKenzie

Like flames, I think,
as I reach toward them,
reach toward Eternity,
where they hang
on the edge:
flames hung
out there between
the open heaven
above the open
earth below.

All around,
the Gods of the Rockies
as I hang there,
one hand grasping
some scrawny pine,
its root straining
the loose soil lifting,
my other hand, left,
somewhere in Eternity
grasping a handful
of fire.

Up toward your smile
I climb
with my blazing trophy,
place it carefully
at your feet
as you lean back
against the mountain
like some goddess
of the earth.

Somewhere above,
there is an eagle:
somewhere in my side,
a pain;
and I am chained
to this rock
for life.

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