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Leaving The White Mountains, Driving To The Gila National Forest   3 comments

Fence-line in the White Mountains

View of Mountains in the Gila National Forest with elevations ranging from 4,500 feet to almost 11,000 feet

Picnic Table View of Mountains In Gila National Forest — Images by kenne

Images from the White Mountains down through the Gila National Forest in route to Silver City, New Mexico.


Gila Wildfire In New Mexico Creates Smokey Conditions In Tucson   1 comment

Sunset showing the smokey conditions over Tucson from the Gila wildfire in New Mexico. — Image by kenne

A record-setting New Mexico wildfire is spreading in all directions. A massive, erratic Gila National Forest blaze grew overnight to more than 190,000 acres, or nearly 300 square miles, as it raced across the area’s steep, ponderosa pine-covered hills and through its rugged canyons. The wildfire in the New Mexico wilderness that already is the largest in state history spread in all directions Thursday, and experts say it’s likely a preview of things to come as states across the West contend with a dangerous recipe of wind, low humidity and tinder-dry fuels. The conditions that help fuel the wildfire worry all residents of the southwest since we are all experiencing very dry, low humidity, perfect for wildfires throughout New Mexico and Arizona.

Here in Tucson, wer are currently experiencing only smoke from the Gila wildfire, as can be seen from this evening sunset over the Tucson Mountains. Let’s hope that’s all we will be dealing with.


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