Leaving The White Mountains, Driving To The Gila National Forest   3 comments

Fence-line in the White Mountains

View of Mountains in the Gila National Forest with elevations ranging from 4,500 feet to almost 11,000 feet

Picnic Table View of Mountains In Gila National Forest — Images by kenne

Images from the White Mountains down through the Gila National Forest in route to Silver City, New Mexico.


3 responses to “Leaving The White Mountains, Driving To The Gila National Forest

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  1. Kenne: let me know about the fire damage. The Gila is on my wish list for a long backpack trip. Paula


    • Paula,
      We didn’t make it into the mountains where most of the fire took place. We didn’t see any burned areas once we left the White Mountains driving into New Mexico. Even though we were in the national forest, for the most part we were on the western edge. kenne


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