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The Final Belief . . .   Leave a comment

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“The final belief
is to believe in a fiction,

which you know to be a fiction,
there being nothing else.

The exquisite truth
is to know 
that it is
a fiction and that

you believe in it willingly.”

— Wallace Stevens

Fiction Makes Good Reality   Leave a comment

Those of you familiar with this site and me [kenne] know that I ofter quote Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads. Each week I receive his Monday Morning Memo.  Sometimes the topic of Roy’s Memo rings true with thoughts that live in my brain, whether those I call my own or those planted by others, which are really one in the same.

Most of us believe that the relationship between fiction and reality is a one-way street, that is fiction is based on what we perceive as real, or fact, and not the other way around. In this morning’s memo, Roy tells a story that makes the case for the reverse being true — our perception of what is real is based on fiction rather than fact. Our understanding of something comes from our being able to tell a story about that which we perceive as real. As a result, fiction is intrinsically more true that fact — which as usual begs the question, “What is the truth?”

I am suggesting that the reverse is true: that our access to reality is based on fiction rather than fact, that we understand something only insofar as we tell ourselves a story about it. By this I mean that fiction is inherently more ‘true’ than fact, and that what we call facts are actually nothing more than good fictions- ones which we deem most reasonable to accept. Roy points out:

Our bodies contain approximately 100 million sensory receptors that allow us to see, hear, taste, touch and smell physical reality. But the brain contains 10 thousand billion synapses. This means we’re roughly 100,000 times better equipped to experience a world that does not exist, than a world that does.

As usual, there is much to think about, so click below and read on.



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