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Mill Gears Abstract Painting   3 comments

Mill Gears Abstract Painting (Burwell-Morgan Mill) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Massage wooden gears

old mill stones

powered by water

grinding raw grains 

still operational —

life is all about

how well we

shift the gears.

— kenne

Grist Mill Gears Photo Art, A Little Gallery — “At The Old Mill”   3 comments

“At the Old Mill”

by Violet Lee

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013
Radiant day is slowly fading,

And the evening calm and still,
Gazing through the oak and willow,
Stoops to kiss the ancient mill.

Listen to the damsel dancing
To the jig of feed and flour,
And the water-wheel revolving
With a dashing, constant power.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013
There is music in the rattle
Of the tinkling wheat that falls,
In the hopper, as the miller
Stops to heed the gristman’s calls.

Yes, I love this shaded building,
Love the flowing stream and flowers,
Love to hear the busy clatter
On the lingering summer hours.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013

More than all, I love the miller,
For his sake, I love the rest;
Of this world and its enchantments
I adore him the best.

Of these twilights I would weary
If his voice came not to cheer.
And this mill – life would grow dreary
If my darling was not here.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Images by kenne

Burwell-Morgan Mill In Millwood, Virginia   9 comments

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Located in the small town of Millwood, Virginia, near Spout Run where a mill-race runs next to the mill,

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013the Burwell-Morgan Mill was a joint business venture of Nathaniel Burwell and Daniel Morgan.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013The mill was built 1785 and was one of only a few interior water wheel (20 feet in diameter) in the nation,

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013which allowed the miller to grind year-round.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Designed with a double set of wooden gears, the mill was able to turn two grindstones, one for corn and one for wheat. Commercial operation of the mill continued to 1952 and currently is maintained by the Clarke County Historical Association.

Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Bob McNeily is getting answers to questions. — Images by kenne


Virginia & Outer Banks 2013Office area of the mill.

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