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Down On The Bayou   1 comment

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“Down On the Bayou” — Images by kenne

A lone cloud moves by
collecting others
as the day warms up
over the east Texas swamp.

Here’s the thing,
if you desire
to go on a bayou
nature walk

bring mosquito spray
and a small cooler
of Saint Arnold beer
to watch swamp critters —

and many species of snakes
and birds.

Without cat-like patience
spotting wildlife
can be nearly invisible
to the naked.

It sounds like a vacation spot:
Eagle Point.
But let’s call it what it is
a place where family rules.

If not for the family.

— kenne

Bass Boat Blues On The Bayou   Leave a comment

Fishing 2015 05 04_0616_edited-3 blogFishing on the Bayou — Image by kenne

Bass Boat Blues

me and my bass boat
all alone on the bayou
moments to live by.

in bayou country
there are no mountains to climb
just tiny ant hills.

the fish are biting
only they are not keepers
ask me if I care.

for people who know
it is the process that counts
no more, no less — Yes!

green covers side streams
turtles on the backs jump in
breaking up the green.

mercy, mercy me
it is time to be truthful
I don’t care to fish.

I am the guy
carrying a camera
walking the park trails.

it’s time with nature
my breakfast at Tiffany’s
in the great outdoors.

— kenne

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