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A Mother’s Boy Remembers His Mom On Mother’s Day   1 comment

Agnes on Valentine’s Day 2004 At Her Assisted Living Facility, Spring Texas — Image by kenne

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, but people
will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Remembering Mother On My Brother’s Birthday   2 comments

“The Summer of Suffering” Mother just weeks before she passed away, September 8, 2006 — Image by kenne

Brother, Thomas R. Turner — Image by kenne

Today, brother Tom is 70 years old.
This is a special day for many reasons,
among then the day that our mother
celebrated her second birthing day.
She was so proud to have another baby boy.

This morning,
the day became even more special
learning that we will be receiving
our mother’s ashes next week.
It has now been almost six years
since Mother passed away
and as per her wish,
her body was donated
to the Texas Medical Center in Houston.
This was her gift to medical research
and the future of human kind.

Raised a Southern Baptist in Alabama,
she knew many in our family
would think harshly of her decision,
but as it was she had outlived
many of those who may have been critical.

Mother would be the first to tell you
she had lived a full life —
making many poor decisions.
However, donating her body
was a decision she researched
and made years before her death.

Mother, you did good!

Something tells me she knows.


Or as Mother would say,



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