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Store Window   1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStore Window — Computer Art by kenne

We all can see art,
only a few recognize it.

— kenne

Pirate Alley   1 comment

New Orleans Ally (1 of 1)_art blogPirate Alley, Jackson Square, New Orleans (December 28, 2014)
— Photo-Artistry by kenne

Clouds hide the morning sun
cobblestones still wet
from a passing shower —
the poet is sighing.

The cathedral bells ring
pigeons flying off
leaving their home —
the poet is sighing.

I can lose myself
in the French Quarter
in an endless embrace —
the poet is sighing.

The deep darkness
of alleys behind iron gates
guarding tropical courtyards —
the poet is sighing.

There goes a jazz tune
from a lone musician
not seen, but heard —
the poet is sighing.

We make our way
down to the square where
artists hang their painting —
the poet is signing.

Morning life in the square
repeats again and again
the movement of generations —
the poet is signing.

A child of the mist
catches my attention
in my camera’s eye —
the poet is signing.

We bookmark each moment
looking at you again,
Renaissance and me —
the poet is signing.

— kenne

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