Oh, This Is Going To Be Easy   4 comments

Caricature by Dave Fitzsimmons and Images by Joy

Joy invited me to attend this month’s luncheon meeting of the Old Pueblo Women’s Club, which took place at the Lodge at Ventana Canyon. 
The speaker was Dave Fitzsimmons, a recently retired internationally known journalist/cartoonist. At one point in his amusing presentation, 
he walked over to our table and said, “Isn’t this a woke organization, and your name is Ms.” We went up to his drawing pad, took one look at me and said, 

“Oh, this is going to be easy.”


4 responses to “Oh, This Is Going To Be Easy

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  1. Love it! Two characters

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    • I have loved David’s writing and cartoons since learning about him when we visited Tucson in 2007, before moving here in 2010. It was a real pleasure to finally meet him and learn he does his own sound effects when drawing.


  2. That’s so cool! Great drawing. Mary and Kenneth

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