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Kenneth and Kenne — Image by Mary

I was able to spend a few hours with Kenneth and Mary, re “Ken and Mary’s Blues Project” on Monday.
They are friends we try to spend some time with when we are visiting in the Houston area — love you guys!

— kenne

4 responses to “Blues Brothers

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  1. Sweet guys

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  2. Wonderful Kenne! Always feels good to reconnect ……like your t-shirt too! Phil ? ________________________________

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  3. Kenneth fail off a ladder last spring and fractured his right foot in several requiring surgery to help in the fusion process. He learned a few weeks ago that the bones were not connecting properly, so they had to remove the old plates and start all over. As a result, he can’t put any weight on foot for six weeks. The lesson for all of us is to stay of ladders.


  4. It was a great visit. Thank you for taking time . Enjoyed reconnecting. Mary and Kenneth


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