Celebrating Jeri And Ron’s Golden Anniversary   3 comments

Palm Springs California (June 17, 2022) — Image by kenne

The family gathered in Palm Springs to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of Jeri and Ron Roelling.

Golden Kudos

Another anniversary;
Kudos are now due
To this radiant, golden couple:
Your 50th is quite a coup!

You keep on keeping on;
However do you do it?
You make marriage look so easy,
Like there’s really nothing to it.

Congratulations, you two;
We wish you all the best.
May all the years to come
Be just as richly blessed.

— Joanna Fuchs

3 responses to “Celebrating Jeri And Ron’s Golden Anniversary

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  1. Thank you Ken for the memories! Ron and I appreciate your recording of our anniversary. It was wonderful to celebrate with all our family and friends. The whole celebration was more than what we expected, but very pleased how it turned out. It was extra special to have you and Joy be here with us to celebrate. Love you both!

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  2. So wish we could have “pulled it off” too. But let by gones be by gones…



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