Knowing a Woman   3 comments

Knowing a Woman — Image by kenne

Knowing a Woman

When you have really loved a woman,
you come to know how little you knowthat woman.
It is what you do not know about her,
this magical body, magnificent mind,
this soul you have drowned yours in,
who throbs to the flowing with the moon,
that stops you dead in your tracks
as you watch her bent over the oven
or stepping from her shower
or lying spread and ready
for you on your bed.
It is what you do not know
about this blessed thing called woman
that is the only poem of the world
worth the writing or worth the knowing.

— from The Book of Boys and Girls by Paul  Ruffin

3 responses to “Knowing a Woman

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  1. Thank you.


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  2. knowing woman to knowing human

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  3. Best Woman Blog

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