Spring Wildflowers — Envisioning the Life Cycles of Flowers and People as Parallel   Leave a comment

Spring Wildflowers — Image by kenne


Dahlia, Amaryllis, Iris,
      Flaunt their fragrance and their flair
As roman candles arc, desirous
      To burst new treasures on the air,
Spill out their color and their scent
      And whistle down the rambling bee.
When dazzle and pizzazz are spent
      And every garden’s luxury
Of blossom’s gone to shreds or hock,
      Where is that glamourie and that mask;
When January whips the stalk
      What memory stills the rattled husk?

By lurch and stumble, change and growth
      Struggling from all fours, we fise
Cranking the backbone up, though loath.
      To lift our skull into the skies
Where the lit eye blinks out its longing,
      Gathers the world, then from that height
Sends hosts of bright ideas thronging
      Like fireflies sparking up the night.
What are the perfume and that pollen
      Or all the brain’s fine fireworks worth
Once socket, stalk and spine have fallen
      As acrid, black ash drifts to earth?

— W.D. Snodgrass

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