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Spreadwing Damselfly-72

Spreadwing Damselfly-3-72Spreadwing Damselfly (Sabino Canyon Recreation Area) — Images by kenne

This past Tuesday I participated in the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN)
Bird and Plant Nature Walk. While on the walk I spotted this Damselfly near the top
of the Sabino Creek Dam. Compared to the (mostly) much larger dragonflies,
damselflies look delicate, and their eyes protrude to each side giving them a bug
eyed appearance. A dragonfly’s hind pair of wings are broader than its front pair of
wings, but a damselfly’s four wings are roughly equal. And while dragonflies must
hold their wings out to the side when they perch, damselflies can fold their wings
over their backs.

— kenne

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