Tuichi River, Day 2 — Somewhere Around The Bend   1 comment

BoliviaA morning where the spirits of Madidi are all around.

BoliviaShadows abound as the sun tries mightily to open up the sky.

Tuichi River Day 2-5-72.jpgThe Berraco del Madidi boat is readied for another day
leading the way to the Berraco del Madidi EcoCamp for the night.

Tuichi River Day 2-7-72.jpgBreakfast before before paddling the rafts down the river.

Tuichi River Day 2-8-72.jpgPedro already has the raft with Ty and me away from the bank
as I capture another image of our overnight campsite on the Tuichi.

Tuichi River Day 2-10-72.jpgThese are moments in life where the self is truly in touch with nature as you listen close
— the sound gets better as eyes are watching.

Tuichi River Day 2-11-72.jpgMoment to moment the shadows on the river surface get darker as the rising sun 

Boliviablurs in a swirling fog.

BoliviaIf your heart is like mine

Tuichi River Day 2-15-72.jpgyou are here with me.

BoliviaThere’s not wind to help the sun in the morning battle,
so Matt and Ty decide to have their own battle rafting down the river.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting. My heart is there with you .

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