Rafting On The Tuichi River, Day 1   1 comment

Some of the recent posting are a little out of order.
This posting follows “Preparing To Raft Down The Tuichi River In Madidi National Park.” 
BoliviaBalsa wood rafting was one of the things for which we had been waiting.
Here I’m in front of Matt who is paddling while I’m taking photos.
I also had a paddle, but stayed busy taking the trip photos.

On The Road In Madidi-49-72.jpgPedro is also paddling, but more important, he is steering.
Behind us is Ty with Pedro’s uncle.

BoliviaTy is working hard to  overtake us . . .

Bolivia. . . and does.

On The Road In Madidi-54-72.jpgThe scenery was amazing, or should I say “Amazoning.”

BoliviaThe supply boat with Tom and Maria passing us to go ahead
and select a camp site and start setting up the tents.

BoliviaTy and Pedro’s uncle near some rapids.
The river is a little higher because of the recent overnight rains,
reducing some of the rapids.

BoliviaI usually had to wipe my camera lens after each rapids.

BoliviaThis is where we would spend our first night on the river.

BoliviaTom and I shared one of the tents.

BoliviaUncle also set up a lean-to tent.

BoliviaTom at the dinner table

BoliviaMaria did the cooking with her husband’s help.

BoliviaTy and Tom talking about their first day on the Tuichi River.

BoliviaTy and Matt are getting ready to set around a fire being prepared.
— Images by kenne


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  1. Such fun! You are bringing back memories of crossing the Rio Grande in two car hoods welded together by the Mexicans.

    Liked by 1 person

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