Signs of Spring In Sabino Canyon   5 comments

globe mellow-72Globe Mellow Wildflower — Image by kenne

With rain predicted later this week
it’s fair to say spring has arrived
in Sabino Canyon.

— kenne

5 responses to “Signs of Spring In Sabino Canyon

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  1. Hi Ken I messaged you on Facebook, I am looking for your email. The message is self explanatory.đź’ś

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    • I didn’t get a message, at least that I’m aware of.


      • Hi Kenne, I sent a message to Kenne G Turner, on Facebook messenger. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it. I was hoping to nominate you for an Aunual Bloggers Bash Award for a photography blog. I need you email to do so. I will understand if you do not want to pass your email on . But that is what I am afterđź’ś I hope you and your family are well đź’ś


  2. Good to know that spring is showing its face somewhere. Here in Ohio, we have had temperatures of -8*with terrible wind chill and at 9* got 6″ of snow this morning. I’m ready for spring!

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  3. My teen and young adult years were in northern Illinois, so I know how you feel, which is why I started a gradual move south and west.

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