Swashbuckling Brother Gets An Unwanted Helping Hand   2 comments

Helping Brother B&W blog.jpgSwashbuckling Brother Gets An Unwanted Helping Hand — Image by kenne 

“The energy of hatred will get you nowhere:
but the energy of forgiveness,
which reveals itself through love,
will transform your life in a positive way.”

— Paulo Coelho

2 responses to “Swashbuckling Brother Gets An Unwanted Helping Hand

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  1. Great picture and text to go with it. I’ve always heard that carrying unforgiveness toward someone is like drinking poison and expecting that other person to die. Bitterness only really affects the vessel that carries it. As for me, I have been forgiven MUCH, so the only option I have is to pass on that forgiveness to others. Thanks for sharing, Kenne!


    • A few summers back I was teaching 4-H students photography in Sabino Canyon. The parents were part of the field trip and they brought along some of their younger children. I was able to capture several shots of the little ones.


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