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Gila Woodpecker blog II

Gila Woodpecker High Pass blogGila Woodpecker — Images by kenne

Interesting Fact:

There are several ways woodpeckers have adapted to all the head-banging,
including having a long tongue that wraps around their brain. — kenne


6 responses to “No Concussions Here

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  1. Great pics! 🙂
    A long tongue that wraps around their brain?


  2. Creepy and kinda cool.


    • Nature has a way of protecting itself — who would have thought of wrapping the tongue around the brain that all our technology hasn’t been able to do to protect our brains when put in harm’s way. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. Hi Kenne, I recall reading that the woodpecker also has a special cartilage between its industrial-strength beak and its brain. A built-in shock absorber that keeps it from getting those pesky concussions. Isn’t that clever! And the tongue, rolling up inside it’s head like a tape measure–how cool is that! Creation is full of fascinating surprises. Thanks for sharing your pics and have a great day!


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