Hutch’s Pool   2 comments

Kenne blogKenne enjoying one of his favorite places in the Santa Catalina Mountains, Hutch’s Pool

I love the eight-plus mile hike to Hutch’s Pool in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area in the Santa Catalina Mountains, but because of a shoulder injury, I will not be a part of this Fall’s hike — Bummer!

— kenne

2 responses to “Hutch’s Pool

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  1. What happened to your shoulder? hard to get old, isn’t it? Good picture… Mary Ann


    • An old weight-lifting injury that started bothering me again about two years ago. Finally had an MRI last Spring, which showed damaged soft tissue. Saw an orthopedic surgeon and he said if I were younger and more active, he would recommend surgery. Instead, he recommended a cortisone shot and physical therapy. That was working till I took a bad fall in August. I continue to do the shoulder exercises and it seems to be getting better. If it doesn’t I will probably go back to the surgeon.


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