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New Mexico Locus (1 of 1) blogNew Mexico Locust — Image by kenne

The New Mexico Locust are among the first blooming plants on Mt. Lemmon. Because Locusts have a high fire tolerance, they were among the first to return after the Aspen Fire in 2003. 

— kenne


2 responses to “New Mexico Locust

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  1. I am in Texas and t is hot (I hear Arizona is a lot hotter right now. I hear a rumor that mailboxes were actually melting. I don’t know if this is true or not).
    Here there has been a burning bright sun all day every day…no rain for a while.
    Flowers and bushes around town look extremely thirsty. Wilting in the heat.
    Plants with a high fire tolerance would definitely be a good thing.


  2. It was 111 degrees in Tucson yesterday. The heat is having a toll on many drought resistant plants, but not having some rain since February is causing weaker plants to “cash in.”


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