Notes On A Sedona Morning   4 comments

Sunrise (1 of 1) blogSedona Sunrise — Image by kenne

Notes On A Sedona Morning

After mornings of hiking,
sitting on the big rock summit–
sun in my face, I find myself
drinking coffee on the
Wildflower Bread Company patio
surrounded by red rock towers,
ants at my feet and
young women taking selfies.

I like solitude, but
it’s nice
to be alone in the
of humanity —
a prisoner of my condition.
Sorry, no pictures of food.
My cup of coffee
not worth posting.

Maybe the plus-size women
eating big puffy bread
potato-egg sandwiches
wouldn’t mind if I take a picture of
their breakfast, but
I’m not going to ask –
something tells me
they weren’t up at 5:00am hiking.

The conversation turned to
what to eat for lunch . . .

— kenne

4 responses to “Notes On A Sedona Morning

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  1. happy sunday from the Valley of the Sun to you south. enjoy the day. -mike


    mike and brandy
  2. Just yesterday I was entertaining the possibility of moving to Sedona…


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Joy was in Houston and I was in Sedona doing my thing — taking photographs, what else! I was also people watching, another fun thing to do when you’re out alone. — kenne


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